A New Chapter

I’m excited to share the redesign of my blog. The new site and name is to reflect my hope to focus on some different things moving forward in a shift in my role at school.

Previously, you’ve known me as a teacher of mathematics, physics, web programming, robotics…in short, a teacher of lots of things. I’ve principally been a mathematics teacher through the first fifteen years of my career, and continue to do so by working again this year with students in AP Calculus AB.

The big change is that I am coordinating the STEM program for the high school at SSIS. Thus far, I’ve designed a fabrication space for the high school and have reworked two classes to be based on the engineering design cycle. I’ll go more into detail on both of these courses in upcoming posts. I also spend my time attempting to model the making, design, and documentation process for students and colleagues.

The guiding principle for the engineering classes is that making things is the best way to learn – probably no big surprise for those of you that know me. I’m an engineer by training and a tinkerer at heart. I’ve learned a lot through my own projects and want to help students experience this for themselves. So far, it is going very well.

Stick around and I’ll tell you all about it.

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