Coding to be creative, together

In advanced automation, students learned to use collaboration software (Github) to create art. They used this playlist of videos to understand the basics of generate patterns just using code.

Teaching students by teaching cars.

Students driving cars (virtually) in the advanced automation class generated data along the way. By feeding this data into a neural network, the car was able to drive on its own. By experimenting with different tracks, students learn how the quality of a trained machine learning algorithm depends a lot on the data it uses to learn.

Egg drop, with a poolside twist.

In this project for robotics and engineering technology at SSIS, students built devices to keep eggs safe and dry during a plunge into the school pool.

App prototypes to save time.

Students in the app development course in 2019 interviewed members of the college counseling department to understand their needs. They then designed app concepts to make their work easier and help students communicate with them.