Computational Thinking

Below are some resources I have compiled around computational thinking.

EARCOS Teachers Conference 2014 Presentation

Read my posts on computational thinking here.

Software Resources:

  • Geogebra – download for yourself!
  • Download Python 2.7.3 or Python 3.3.
  • A page comparing the two versions is here.

    The version you use is not terribly important for most tasks, and there are only a couple things that will prevent a Python 3 program from running correctly on Python 2.7, and vice versa. If you are planning on using any modules or frameworks in Python (which most people probably won’t) then Python 3 is fine. The reason I resort to Python 2.7.3 is that it is automatically installed on Mac laptops and is accessible through Terminal. That’s just me.

  • Interactive Python Textbook – How To Think Like A Computer Scientist – an interactive textbook for learning Python through short exercises embedded in the text. It uses Python 3.0.
  • CodeAcademy – A great website with interactive exercises for learning a few different programming languages. This is a great way for students to get into programming using a web-based interface. There is a nice social component to learning here that I think is key to its potential for being a transformative learning medium.
  • Processing – a Java based programming language designed to make an easy connection between programming an visualization.

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