Teachers Coding

Thanks for coming to today's workshop. Here are the resources I've prepared for you:

Click here for a link to the Google Drive folder containing today's videos.

Which one should you choose?

  • If you're looking for the simplest way to get started, spreadsheets are probably the way to go. These videos use a Google spreadsheet to perform a number of potentially useful tasks using a sheet of student data that you probably have sitting on your computer somewhere.
  • The Javascript track goes through some simple variable manipulation steps within the web browser. These require knowing how to access the Javascript console.
    • In Chrome, you can access the Javascript console by going to the View -> Developer -> Javascript Console.
    • In Safari, you need to go to the Safari menu -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Show develop menu in menu bar. You can then get to the console by going to the Develop menu, selecting Show Error Console, and then clicking in the lower right hand corner where it says 'All'.
  • The Google scripts track involves creating text for a custom email that changes the text based on which student is selected. This task is the most involved in terms of switching between different screens, but does substantially more with less code.

Here are direct links to the videos:
Track 1 Video - Spreadsheets
Track 2 Video - Javascript
Track 3 Video - Google Scripts

Examples of my code:
Group Generator (Python): https://repl.it/FpDx/1